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From single parts to complete chassis.


Ever since cars have existed, we have been producing and supplying metal parts, and for the vehicles of today, hybrid structures for the automotive industry. The single-part manufacturer has become an internationally recognized developer and supplier of components and chassis structures. KIRCHHOFF Automotive provides vehicles worldwide with additional stability and safety. But we also offer our customers a great deal more than that - we supply them with a vital contribution toward becoming more competitive. The crucial cost and logistical advantages of our lean, medium-sized company structure with international presence are all designed to serve one single purpose - to promote the market success of our customers - thus securing our innovative strength and profitability. This is our pledge worldwide.


Technology that goes under the skin.


Thinking determines our actions, strategy our future, profitability our innovative strength and reactivity our daily business. As partner to the automotive industry, we develop components for our customers with a high degree of responsibility. Centrally designed and internationally produced, we accomplish Performances that inspire you.


You will feel the difference quickly. The people at KIRCHHOFF Automotive know what they are doing and know how to read between the lines. We are good listeners and understand more than just words. We feel the needs of our common markets, work WITH people FOR people and stimulate our employees throughout the world to achieve top performance. At KIRCHHOFF you will find People who understand.


Acting fulfills our strategies, your goals. As a flexible, privately owned and medium-sized corporation we act quickly, invest for your profitability and live the words we write - for us they are not just a philosophy on paper. KIRCHHOFF acts. By means of four core technologies, our people daily create individual customer benefits and produce, from metal and other materials, complex Components that move.


With the centralized sales and development center in Germany, the 29 decentralized production plants worldwide and the core technologies of forming, assembling and surface treating - applied either individually or in combination - our international process chain achieves optimal cost and logistical advantages, sustaining close customer contact throughout all project phases. We create Projects that mobilize.



KIRCHHOFF Automotive GmbH

Stefanstrasse 2

58638 Iserlohn


Phone: +49 2371 820-00

Fax: +49 2371 820-222